About the tournament

This tournament will be a 4-game guarantee, with 2 Pool Play Games, followed by a double-elimination bracket.

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Tournament Information

  •  Game Length – 75 Minutes, and the clock begins at the coin flip.
  • No new inning will start past 70 minutes.
  • Innings will complete after time expires, no drop-dead time. (Exception is 10U if team is down by more than 5 runs).
  • All Umpire decisions are final, no protests.
  • May bat entire lineup.
  • Run Rule – 12 Runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 3.
  • Home Team is the official scorekeeper, determined by coin flip.
  • Bracket play seeding will be determined by pool play standings.
  • Scores will be posted immediately following score reporting via TourneyMachine.
  • Pool Play games can end in a tie.
  • Tie Breakers will be; 1) Win/Loss record, 2) Head-to-Head, 3) Runs differential 4) Runs Scored, 5) Runs Allowed.
  • 10U – Maximum of 5 runs scored per inning, before changing sides.  Continuation is in play, meaning bases loaded 2 outs, and 4 runs have scored, if the ball is put in play, all runs to cross the plate count before play is stopped.
  • Dropped Third strike and stealing home are in play.

Concessions available.

Oregon Trail Park
1500 D St.
Gering, NE 69341

  • 4-Game Guarantee – 2 Pool Play Games, followed by Double Elimination Bracket.
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